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The Polk County Medical Society is the oldest continuously operating medical society in the state of Iowa, representing more than 1242 physicians and their patients since 1851.  Members are local physicians and residents dedicated to serving Des Moines area patients in medical care.  Throughout the changes that have taken place in medicine, PCMS has remained a leader at the local, state and national levels.

Our Physicians represent thousands of patients, their staff and families.  The purpose of the Polk County Medical Society is to bring together into one organization incorporated under the laws of Iowa Ethical qualified physicians of Polk/Warren/Dallas Counties to promote the science and art of medicine and the betterment of public health unity, harmony and the welfare of the medical profession.  We provide physician referral and background education and training information for consumers in Central Iowa.


The Polk County Medical Society advocates for physicians and patients to promote a healthy community

Promote the science and art of medicine
Communicate a shared mission for healthcare
Maintain the highest professional and ethical standards
Strengthen the voice of the medical profession through enhanced collegiality


    The goals of the Polk County Medical Society are to:

  1. Establish the medical society as the definitive source of health care information in Central Iowa.
  2. Become the recognized leader and resource in ensuring value in health care.
  3. Continue as the pre-eminent Central Iowa organization that advances and protects the medical profession and the practice.
  4. Ensure that the physician and the medical profession remain viable and thrive in the new health care environment.
  5. Strengthen PCMS by demonstrating membership value.



Protector of the profession
Camaraderie among members


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PCMS provides services to physicians as well as to the public, such as in administering care to the uninsured and underinsured and distributing The Healing Path Guide on Domestic Violence educational booklets to Iowa Hospitals and state agencies.  PCMS is active in supporting public health issues, such as increasing immunizations, preventing obesity, and supporting smoke-free Iowa.

PCMS has the VPN, a physician-led, community effort to provide specialty health care to the uninsured.  More than 600 physicians have volunteered their time to provide health care to Central Iowa uninsured patients through the VPN.

During the Iowa legislative sessions, PCMS physicians and lobbyists are involved in influencing legislation as it pertains to the quality of care delivered to patients.  PCMS physicians and lobbyists meet with legislators and discuss issues pertinent to medicine as they advocate for quality patient care.

At the federal level, PCMS physicians are actively lobbying our congressional delegation in Washington D.C. on health care bills that affect doctors and their patients.

PCMS publishes a Bi-Monthly magazine for members.  The Bulletin Member Magazine informs physicians and their office staffs of legislation affecting health care, member events, the business or practice of medicine, and other issues pertinent to medical care.  The PCMS Membership Pictorial Directory is published annually and is the only comprehensive pictorial directory of physicians listing the complete membership by name, specialty and location, and lists area hospitals and other health-related agencies.  Advertising information is available for both publications.


Polk County Medical Society Office - 1520 High Street, Des Moines, IA 50309

Polk County Medical Society Office

1520 High Street

Des Moines, IA 50309

Telephone: +1 515 288 0172
FAX: +1 515 288 0173
E-mail: pcms@pcms.org

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Executive Council
The Executive Council meets once a month to provide oversight and drection on PCMS activities.

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